Inspiring Genuine Smiles

Multiple Phases. Why?

December 20th, 2018

One question that I'm asked and read online frequently is, “why do orthodontists recommend braces for children who are young enough that they will likely need braces again when they are older?”.

This is a great question!

There are several reasons why you would treat a younger patient: to avoid problems getting worse, reduce tooth wear, and reduce the risk of significant dental injury.

The most urgent early treatment problem is caused by an upper jaw that is too narrow (unilateral crossbite with functional shift) and the lower jaw slides off center when a patient bites down. This shifting actually warps the lower jaw growth, loads the jaw joints unevenly, creates muscle spasms, tooth wear, and potentially causes joint damage. We never want to wait and watch a bite problem that causes growth to become more and more asymmetrical.

Dr. Aron Dellinger - Posterior crossbite before Phase I treatment.

Dr. Aron Dellinger - Posterior crossbite resolved after Phase I treatment.

The second problem is spacing/crowding. If there is not enough room for teeth to develop and come in normally, you may eventually need to extract permanent teeth to provide a path for others to come in. More teeth are usually better than less, so if it is possible to create space by expanding and growing the jaw then you could save teeth from being extracted.

Dr. Aron Dellinger - Before Phase I Treatment

Dr. Aron Dellinger - After Phase I Treatment

Third is traumatic function. If the permanent teeth are hitting each other in a destructive manner, you want to move them so they don't fully destroy each other. This traumatic function can occur when only a few permanent teeth have come in, and it may be a long while before the rest of the permanent teeth arrive. During that time, it is possible to ruin the enamel and significantly reduce the life span of the involved teeth. Also, the front teeth come in first, so you're ruining the front teeth!

Dr. Aron Dellinger - Traumatic Function Before Phase I treatment.

Dr. Aron Dellinger - Traumatic Function after Phase I treatment.

There are several other reasons you would treat a young patient knowing that they will need another phase of treatment when the rest of the permanent teeth arrive, but most of them fit into those three categories (crossbite, spacing and traumatic function). The absolute best way to know if your child needs early treatment is to contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Team Meetings

September 19th, 2018

All-team meetings are a huge part of the culture at OSS. Every 6 months we take time to meet as a whole team. With two office locations and differing work schedules it is not uncommon for some team members to have no face to face interaction with several other team members. We value communication as our number one team principle, so it is important for everyone to communicate on a regular basis.

All-team meetings allow our collective talent and knowledge to come together. We share ideas and challenges which provides a broader perspective to problem solving and greater unity as changes are implemented. Sharing information across teams, as well as up and down the chain of command, is essential to making sure good ideas are implemented. This unrestricted communication is also important for identifying problems that need to be addressed.

Our culture functions much like a family. Caring/nurturing parents, responsible older siblings, and respect for one another set the stage for healthy family communication. Managers and team leaders are selected because they work well with their respective teams, and have the ability to identify and encourage the best in others around them. Teams are built based on the skill sets of the individual members. Special projects and specific duties are assigned to team members based on sub-skills and interests of individual team members.

Below is the agenda for our most recent team meeting:

8:00                      All-team and small group photos at Parkview.

9:00                      Return to OSS for individual photos in the lobby.

10:00 – 11:00     Presentation.

11:00 – Noon     OSHA.

After OSHA teams will get details about: “Inspire a Genuine Smile Projects”.

Noon – 4:30      Groups discuss Genuine Smile Project ideas, lunch & offsite activity.

4:30                     Return to OSS.

Offsite activities are often intended to be a surprise and a reward for team members.  At the last all-team meeting we had a team lunch and then went for a trolley ride visiting some shops around town.

“Inspire a Genuine Smile” projects are designed to get our team members collaborating and serving others. This time we broke into several groups of 5 or 6 people, each group was given $50 cash and instructed to “Inspire a Genuine Smile”.

The groups all had unique ways of making that happen. One group bought three dozen cookies from a local bake shop and took them downtown with a sign that said “smile for a cookie”. They took pictures and made a short video of all sorts of people smiling for a cookie; homeless folks, police officers, business executives, and downtown shoppers all smiled for cookies!

One of the teams went to an animal shelter and brought in items they needed for the cats and dogs. They stayed and played with some kittens, and shared a smile with the volunteers at the shelter.

Another team took a box of delicious treats to a firehouse and shared it with the firefighters. One group went to a Mexican restaurant and asked the manager which waitress could use some help. They got her table, enjoyed afternoon snacks, and then gave her an envelope with the $50 tip inside. She cried, then smiled and hugged them!

Another group went to the Dollar Tree, purchased a whole grocery cart full of household items, and then delivered them to a facility that helps displaced families get back on their feet. The volunteers at the facility were amazing! They took a beautiful smiling group photo and shared stories with the team.

The last group went to Erin's House, a facility for grieving children, and purchased items from their wishlist. They delivered craft items, coloring books, stickers, markers and picture frames.

All of the teams returned to the office and shared pictures and stories of the smiles that were inspired by each group that day!

I say this often and it remains so true...I am so blessed to work with this amazing group of people!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October 4th, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness is something that is near and dear to our hearts at OSS. For many years we, with the help of our patients, have been raising money during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year is no exception!

We will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Research for each patient that wears pink to their regularly scheduled appointment during the month of October. As an added bonus, we will award 5 extra points to each patient's Smile Rewards Card!

Last year $189 was raised and donated to Breast Cancer Research through a similar fundraiser, and we are hoping to beat that amount this year! Help spread the word by sharing this post!

Inspiring Genuine Smiles

May 10th, 2017

Welcome to the first edition of “Ortho-Doc see”. This blog is intended to be a hodgepodge of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. I hope through reading these entries you can find greater joy in your life.

The tag line we use in our office is “Inspiring Genuine Smiles”. The deep impact of inspiring genuine smiles is…when it happens, your life is better. Better how, you may ask? The energy and joy you bring when you know your life is amazing projects to others that something good is happening. When good things happen, people smile. In a nutshell, make yourself a good thing happening, and you will inspire genuine smiles. Smiling people have better lives. Notably, the smile comes before the better life… not because the life is better already.

I recently read a book by EP Seligman PhD titled “Authentic Happiness”. In that book Dr. Seligman gives a great example of his son not wanting to go to bed, and how he put on a frown face and grumped around. Dr. Seligman explained that his son was immediately sent to bed, as it was obvious from his grumpy and sad demeanor that he needed to go to sleep. Dr. Seligman suggested to his son that if he should like to stay up later he should smile, and with good cheer ask “May I please stay up a little longer daddy?”. In a short his son figured out that all manner of behavior could be tolerated by his parents… if he did it with a smile.

The reality is people who smile often live longer, have better relationships, and really are happier than people who are sullen. It is good to be serious, and to work hard, but serious hard work doesn’t have to be done with cold harshness, it’s way better if you do it with a genuine smile.

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Patient Rewards

Patients will be rewarded points, redeemable for prizes! Successful orthodontics is a team effort and YOU are our key player! We have created the Smile Rewards card to recognize your accomplishments and congratulate your winning achievements. Our Smile Rewards card is an incentive program based on your compliance. You set the bar...every visit is an opportunity to earn points and cool prizes. Learn More

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