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How and Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist

October 30th, 2017

Recently I’ve had questions from acquaintances and friends asking how to choose a provider and/or a treatment method for their orthodontic needs.


There are many myths about orthodontists and orthodontic treatment, and finding an AAO orthodontist is the easiest way to identify that the provider is in fact a specialist in orthodontics. Not all providers of orthodontic services are orthodontists.

Orthodontists have completed four years of dental school, AND an additional two to three years of full-time university training specifically in orthodontics. That full-time training involves intensive study of facial growth and development, bone physiology, functional relationships of the teeth and jaws, and a variety of treatment techniques...with and without the use of braces. An AAO orthodontist will know which techniques are best suited to your specific health and cosmetic needs.

Many states, including Indiana, do not require the additional years of training in orthodontics for providers to practice orthodontics. ONLY providers who have completed the two to three extra years of training are eligible to display the AAO logo. If the AAO logo is not displayed, specifically ask your provider: “Have you completed a full time university program in specialized orthodontics?”  (If so.. they will have a masters degree or certificate of residency completion from that university…usually proudly on display). This additional two to three years of university training defines what it means to be a specialist.

DON’T BE FOOLED- a certificate of intensive course completion from a corporation IS NOT a degree in orthodontics! (I get about three of these training certificates each year. All that is required to obtain those is to pay for a course, sit, and listen.)

There are many treatment techniques in the marketplace that I refer to as “packaged services”, clear aligners being the most common. Clear aligner companies often generate a predicted treatment outcome for the practitioner and then provide appliances which can approximate the predicted outcome. These “packaged services” are frequently offered as the only option by the non-specialist, because the treatment course can be set by the manufacturer of the appliance, requiring little knowledge of how orthodontic tooth movement works on the part of the health care provider. There are even companies that directly market appliances to consumers, leaving the dentist/orthodontist supervision out of the equation. Realize that the “appliance” (braces or aligners) is not the treatment!  Proper diagnosis of the underlying cause of your orthodontic problems is necessary to determine the most effective, healthy, and stable way to correct them. Only an orthodontist has the formal training to offer you a complete variety of treatment options which consider your health and your personal preferences. There are also “packaged service” options offering quick treatment using braces, typically six-month treatment promising to align and correct your crooked smile. Some orthodontic problems are completely correctable with aligners, and/or with six months of braces...great news! But BEWARE that providers that ONLY offer clear aligners and or six-month treatments are not likely specialists! These quick fix offerings are easy to sell, provide great profitability for the healthcare provider, and require very little training to implement (one weekend hotel course and you’re a “certified” provider).

True specialists also have specially trained staff to assist in your treatment. Ask your provider about the training of their staff in addition to your questions about specialty training of the doctor. All of the clinical technicians in my practice are Trapezio AOA (Academy of Orthodontic Assisting) Gold Certified.  This certification demonstrates clear knowledge of a variety of orthodontic techniques and orthodontic treatment principles. In a specialist’s office, staff are expertly trained and highly skilled in performing orthodontic appliance adjustments. These skilled assistants save you time in the chair at each visit, and provide more comfortable and efficient appointments. An orthodontic assistant in a specialist’s office will perform more orthodontic appliance adjustments in one year than a typical non-specialist dentist will in a whole career!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October 4th, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness is something that is near and dear to our hearts at OSS. For many years we, with the help of our patients, have been raising money during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year is no exception!

We will donate $1 to Breast Cancer Research for each patient that wears pink to their regularly scheduled appointment during the month of October. As an added bonus, we will award 5 extra points to each patient's Smile Rewards Card!

Last year $189 was raised and donated to Breast Cancer Research through a similar fundraiser, and we are hoping to beat that amount this year! Help spread the word by sharing this post!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Aron!

September 8th, 2017

If you follow us on our Facebook Page then you know that we love to celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, babies, and the list goes on and on!

Dr. Aron recently celebrated his birthday and one day in the office last month we asked our patients to write down a birthday sentiment including their favorite thing or favorite memory of Dr. Aron. We had so many great responses and here are a few!

"Whenever I have an appointment he always comes in with a smile on his face and asks me how my day is going or about school. He's always so cheerful and lighthearted."
-Hannah Age: 14

"When I got my expanders and I didn't want them, he talked me through it and everything was ok."
-Maddy Age: 11

"He's a great guy and always takes my concerns seriously and is always caring!"
-Nicole Age: 27

"He is always so kind and friendly to everyone. He always says hi and asks about vacations. Dr. Aron never forgets a name. He is a great orthodontist and I'm glad I have him as one!"
-Morgan Age: 13

"Dr. Aron is always interested in my hobbies and other things going on in my life."
-Piper Age: 12

"My favorite memory/thing [about] Dr. Aron is how he is super encouraging and nice. Whenever I had questions he would answer them. Thank you for always telling me my smile was beautiful."
-Mary Age: 14

"My favorite thing about Dr. Aron is how personable he is. He never makes me feel like a patient, but always a friend. Happy Birthday!"
-Libby Age: 16

We would love to hear your favorite thing or favorite memory of Dr. Aron. Tell us in the comments below or on our Dr. Aron's Birthday Facebook Post!

Our Principles

July 20th, 2017

I love to brag on my team! Our team is unique and if you’ve been in our office it is something that you can tangibly feel. Our average tenure is nearly 16 years so the team at OSS is comprised of many long term experienced team members. We have a culture which values and embodies respect, synergy and efficiency.

A few years back we spent quite a bit of time defining our team culture, and putting into words what makes our team so effective. We worked with Bruce, a consultant and team coach, who ran us through a great team exercise. The exercise began by each team member individually choosing the 10 most important principles in our culture. After each team member had their own top 10, we then combined all of the lists to see which principles repeated with the most frequency. This list then became the team combined top 10 principles.

After choosing our principles the team was tasked with finding ways to make sure that our work life embodies those principles. Each team group: clinic, front desk, lab, financial, supply, and marketing came up with their own list of actions and behaviors that are expected to consistently uphold the team principles.

Here’s an example of how we apply our number one principle in the office...When dealing with problem resolution we start with recognition of the issue and then take personal ownership of any problems that we encounter, PRIOR to communicating concern to others. Once an area of concern is identified, we ask questions to clearly define it and understand it in detail. We each look at our own individual abilities first to see what can be done “by me” to resolve the problem. Lastly if others need to change their behavior in order for resolution to occur one basic rule applies: We “Speak the truth to one another in love.”

The reason the team works hard to implement the principles in daily work is because the principles were not laid down by me or forced upon the team…they were chosen BY the team.

AAO AOA Team Certified Gold ABO SmartClip SL3 CareCredit

Patient Rewards

Patients will be rewarded points, redeemable for prizes! Successful orthodontics is a team effort and YOU are our key player! We have created the Smile Rewards card to recognize your accomplishments and congratulate your winning achievements. Our Smile Rewards card is an incentive program based on your compliance. You set the bar...every visit is an opportunity to earn points and cool prizes. Learn More

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