I-CAT 3D Imaging

With I-CAT 3D imaging, Dr. Aron is able to see the exact positions of your teeth and the relationship of anatomy so he can map the most effective, least invasive treatment plan for the best alignment. Three-dimensional radiography captures information not possible with 2D X-rays. If necessary, we have the ability to send your 3D image to radiology specialists for their review.

Sirona Intraoral Scanner

Easy, fast, and digital ... these are the key characteristics of intraoral scanners. The digital scan (impression) is fast and easy and you are spared the uncomfortable (sticky and gooey) conventional impression.

TMD Technology

  • BIOJVA: JOINT VIBRATION ANALYSIS – All occlusal analysis starts with the Temporomandibular Joint. BioJVA or “Joint Vibration Analysis” is a quick, non-invasive method for objectively evaluating the temporomandibular joints.
  • JT-3D JAW TRACKER – JT-3D, or “Jaw Tracking,” allows the clinician to analyze jaw movement in a dynamic way. The most relevant procedures include chewing, speaking, range of motion, and swallowing.
  • BIOEMG III ELECTROMYIOGRAPY – BioEMG, or “electomyography” enables Dr. Ketcham to evaluate the efficiency of the patient musculature in rest, chewing, and clenching.
  • BIOTENS JOINT VIBRATION ANALYSIS – TENS Therapy™ is a safe, simple, low-cost and effective alternative to narcotic drugs for counteracting chronic pain.
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