“Orthodontic Specialty Services is comprised of some of the most professional and caring people we have ever encountered. They are extremely genuine and knowledgeable. They go out of their way to meet your needs and always do so with a smile.” — Mindy W.

“Every office visit for both of our children has been handled professionally and efficiently, but more importantly, our kids felt like they were the most important patient being seen that day. We also notice the team atmosphere that exists in the office, and that says a lot about Dr. Aron’s leadership.” — Angie T. (mom to Gavin and Mari)

“We first met Dr. Aron through the Kids First Clinic and have had the privilege of being under his amazing care for many years now. The OSS team genuinely cares about each individual patient and customizes treatment to meet each need. I am so grateful for an office full of people who treat us as friends while giving the best of their professional skills. Cale says it only takes three words to describe OSS: ‘They are awesome!’ ” — Tracie & Cale W.

“From our very first appointment, I knew OSS was the perfect choice. I was very impressed when Dr. Aron informed me for both my daughter and son that treatment wasn’t yet warranted. We continued to return every 6 months to check their situation and began treatment when it was truly needed, and not a day sooner. Later, it was my turn to start treatment as an adult, and Dr. Aron assured me he would do everything in his power to make a swift and painless treatment plan. I have just finished treatment and am extremely happy with the results. Our experience has truly been a ‘family affair’ and we are extremely grateful to have found an office that operates with such honesty, kindness, dedication, and concern for our well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Aron and OSS to anyone looking for the perfect place to seek treatment. You’ll be extremely pleased and very grateful for the beautiful smile you’ll have when your treatment is completed.” — Kerri C.

“My family dentist of 20 years recommended a visit to Dr. Aron because my bottom teeth were tipping and cracking from pressure. We started with just braces for my bottom teeth, but halfway through, I asked Dr. Aron for braces for my top teeth. I am more than 100% satisfied with the OSS team and recommend them to my friends.” — Richard W.

“The treatment I received at OSS was unlike any other; when I walked in, I was called by name — the staff truly strived to form a relationship with me, and that made all the difference. My smile, I believe, leaves a lasting impression on people I’ve met both in social and professional settings.  A huge thank-you to Drs. Dellinger and to the staff of OSS for crafting this beautiful smile I now have!” — Lindsey S.

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